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A Chinese delegation visits IDOM’s office in Bilbao

During a trip that tours significant works all around Europe

On November 22nd last, a group of 14 Chinese architects – representatives from Archi Space and Knog Chou Construction Enterprise among others – visited Bilbao during a European tour that intends to cover a selection of works that are considered particularly interesting.

During their stay, they dropped by our office to see it first-hand. Javier Davila walked round with them, explaining all the building’s design features that make it a NZEB – Near Zero Energy Building – and the object of a LEED Gold Certificate.

December 10, 2019


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Xin Media

The trip was organised by Xin Media, a media corporation based in Taiwan that edits several publications linked to architecture, travel and gastronomy and that arranges personalised tours all around the world.

The group with Javier Davila