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Award for “Creative Digital City”


“Ciudad Creativa Digital (CCD) – Smart City” wins Best Smart City Project in Latin America in the framework of the first edition of SmartCity LATAM Awards held in Puebla (Mexico). An event that aims to bring together and recognizes the most innovative transformation projects in Latin America impacting favorably on inclusion, equity, security, sustainability and participation in the process of improving the quality of life of citizens.

Ciudad Creativa Digital (CCD) is the renewal of an urban environment to consolidate an ideal space for people, a modern setting and interconnected where talent and creativity generate knowledge, promote the use of new technologies and improve the quality of life in the Guadalajara Metropolitan area.

Located in the heart of the capital of Jalisco, CCD brings together creative industries such as firms producing film, television, video games, digital animation, interactive media and mobile applications, among others, thereby positioning the state as an important production center for sector today is forefront in the global economy.

IDOM has been fortunate to work on three projects, both through the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and directly with the Digital Creative City Master Trust – CCD (Fideicomiso Maestro).

October 4, 2018

Telecommunications & security

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Final Result

The end result is an executive project based on the following objectives:
- A network of urban infrastructures managed by a computing platform.
- Smart networks, monitored and remotely managed services, minimizing consumption of natural resources.

This project is a challenge in the country because it proposes new ways of operating non-existent today:
- Use of recycled water and billing.
- Power generation and resale to the national distributor.
- Need for specific infrastructure in real estates of Digital City for power generation and the use and recycling of rainwater and sanitary water.

Staff of the Digital Creative City Master Trust (Elsa Díaz & Jessica Lau) and part of the IDOM team (Mikel Arroyo & Miguel Antonio Blanco).