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Manila gears up for a transportation revolution! The bidding phase for Metro Line 4 has commenced

Exciting progress on the Metro Manila Metro Line 4 project in the Philippines! As part of the continuing “Build Better More” program (formerly known as “Build Build Build”), we are pleased to announce that we have entered the Bidding Phase.

Last Thursday, May 4, more than 80 national and international companies, 15 countries and 44 embassies were invited to the event launching the bidding process for the various construction packages of Metro Manila Line 4. The Department of Transportation (DoTr) was present, as well the project’s co-financiers, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Our colleague José Ignacio Peñas García, as IDOM’s project manager, explained the details and answered all the questions related to the technical part of the project.

IDOM is participating, not just as designer in the different phases of the project, but also providing support throughout the bidding process, which is expected to be completed in early 2025.

We are committed to ensuring high standards of quality and efficiency in this project and look forward to contributing to the development of a more modern and efficient transportation network for the people of Manila!