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Big data – an opportunity for a more efficient, sustainable and citizen-oriented transport system


The director of IDOM Madrid, Mauricio Gómez Villarino, representing the Fujitsu-IDOM team, spoke at the Madrid Regional Transport Innovation Forum on the potential of big data and business intelligence for mobility management.

Developing a Smart System for the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid (CRTM) is an opportunity to improve services and their efficiency, both in terms of operation and cost. Fujitsu and IDOM have combined their capabilities in new technologies, digital transformation, transport and mobility to provide a solution for this important challenge.

Faced with increasing data and the variability of the demand, the Transport Consortium (CRTM) wanted an advanced analytics solution to achieve a better understanding of the user profile and their mobility behaviour on the public transport system. To this end, the alliance between Fujitsu and IDOM has developed a solution that provides the region with a real-time analysis system, helping the Consortium to manage and plan its operational and financial resources more responsively.

In the words of Mauricio Gomez, “in Madrid we have 8 billion validation data, 300 million billing data and more than 100 million processed data on citizen behaviour, demand and operation. This data should be used not only to improve the service for citizens, and for the Consortium to operate more efficiently, but also offer great possibilities in the use of new technologies and sustainability”.

To this end, the Fujitsu and IDOM teams have set up an operation that carries out massive data processing and transformation with data lakes; the information is then transferred to a data warehouse for storage; and work is carried out with the Consortium’s teams and departments to define the dashboards and generate visually friendly tools that allow: real-time analysis, with structured information on user behaviour, enabling informed decision making and better planning and management of operational and financial resources.

This Fujitsu-IDOM alliance ensures a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to the project and is a clear example of how public-private digital ecosystems guarantee success when it comes to solving the problems faced by the Administration. Following the implementation of the project in the Community of Madrid, both firms are working on implementing similar use cases throughout Spain.

Access to the full session of the Madrid Transport Innovation Forum (Spanish): bit.ly/3S2YOLa

September 23, 2022

Digital transformation

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