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Climate Finance Accelerator Mexico: second cohort of projects announced


The selection of 10 innovative low-carbon projects from across Mexico has been announced as the second cohort of projects for Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) Mexico. This is the result of a call for proposals that attracted 43 applications, from the seven economic sectors included in the Nationally Determined Contributions (2020 Update): transport, power generation, residential, industry, agriculture & livestock, waste, land-use & forestry.

The CFA is funded by the UK government Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and is implemented by IDOM in Mexico.

The CFA projects include:

  • Asanté: Asanté is the first Latin American company to create plant-based and mycelium meat; an innovative and efficient biotech process to produce abundant, delicious and sustainable food. Asanté is currently selling its products in Mexico and the United States.
  • Solea Financiera: Their goal is to provide tailor-made financing packages to companies for DG solar projects.
  • RRG Solutions Mexico: An impact venture builder investing capital in opportunities across food system in Mexico
  • MOV-E fast chargers will allow electric vehicle drivers travel further. Mexico City, its business districts and tourist destinations will be serviced by a network of fast chargers, thereby making the use of electric vehicles more attractive.
  • Consortium Xochicalli: A project to recover and reuse wastewater, urban solid waste, and biomass; while using available renewable energies and human resources following a strategy of circular economy in the municipality of Tututepec in the State of Oaxaca, without forgetting the rich culture of the location.
  • ReciclApp: Recycling & Upcycling Platform for Circular Waste Management.
  • Eco Biosis have created value from waste since 2021 and they are now closing the circle by creating clean and renewable power, using innovative technology to burn burning a low-calorific liquid waste.
  • Government of Tlaxcala: One of the key verticals of the Government’s Hydric rescue plan is the public health care or well-being of 80% of the population, which live by the Zahuapan river. The six wastewater treatment plants planned are essential for the recycling of water in the production areas, while also recovering nutrients as co-products, activities which greatly improve life quality of the population.
  • Optima Energía specializes in energy efficiency and SMART city projects such as street lighting, using LED technology to generate important energy savings and reduce CO2 emission reductions. These projects are developed with a business model where the whole project is self-financed using the energy savings achieved under contracted which are performance-based.
  • Wooden pellets. Utilization of forestry waste and by-products as a source of energy.

The selected projects will receive support which is tailored to their needs, ahead of a three-day event that will be held at the end of January 2023.

October 18, 2022

Competitiveness & Innovation

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