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The tourism potential of South Korea

Regional development and conceptual Master Plan for a tourism complex

To the south of South Korea, new infrastructures will strengthen connection between islands and mainland, opening new strategic opportunities for the province of Gyeongnam, with an infrastructure that will promote the development of both shores and their areas of influence.

In this context, a group of investors commissioned IDOM to undertake a study to lay the foundations for the future strategy of tourism diversification in the region, as well as a conceptual proposal for a Tourist Complex, as a project detonator in the area.

The study has been developed on two scales. On one hand, on a territorial scale for the region, possible tourist clusters are being identified. These are clusters that could be developed in line with the potential of the territory taking into account the best practices identified for the sector. On the other hand, a proposal and a feasibility study have been prepared for a Tourist Complex, where a total of 38 hotels with 2,500 rooms, an auditorium, a cultural and leisure center, are planned on an area of 127 ha. The whole development is framed within an innovative concept, based on immersion in nature, cutting-edge technology and activity programs.

October 8, 2020

Digital transformation

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Nayibe Florez Bezunartea ( nayibe@idom.com )