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BIM, Better information management

Collaborative methodology thanks to the use of common data environments (CDE)

Currently, online collaborative environments such as BIM have become cutting-edge tools whose application has been accelerated due to their efficiency and versatility.

As different teams work on it remotely on the project, all modifications and changes can be seen in real time. This means we can quickly overcome many barriers and maintain the rhythm of work. Characteristics like this make this environment, in addition to being a modeling platform, an information manager. The development of digital twins, allows us to monitoring of the useful life of the infrastructure. They are important pillars in the development of engineering projects, and can be developed as the BIM enviroment is implemented.

At IDOM, we have been using this type of technology in projects such as at Dublin Airport (Ireland), the Ring 3 Light Rail in Copenhagen (Denmark), Rail Baltica (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) or the Dublin Metro, MetroLink (Ireland). By using Common Data Environments (CDE), progress of these projects has been guarenteed, meeting all planning objectives, through close efficient collaboration between the IDOM teams and the client working remotly.

Learn about the experiences of working with our clients in this environment, in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRXJGuyb6dw&feature=emb_title

October 8, 2020

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Juan Ramón López Laborda ( infrastructure@idom.com )