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Green Productivity: strengthening the Colombian business sector

In July 2023, IDOM, in consortium with Ecosimple, began the second phase of Green Productivity, the flagship project launched by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism through its affiliated entity, Colombia Productiva. For one year, we will provide technical assistance to 110 entrepreneurs, train more than 400 companies, consultants, and extension agents (through a course and 8 workshops) and prepare 9 consultation documents on the bioeconomy and climate change adaptation and mitigation. The aim is to promote the strengthening of the business sector in these areas as a key to business productivity and competitiveness.

The project will have three thematic focuses: mitigation, adaptation and bioeconomy. The first thematic approach of mitigation will seek to accompany the entrepreneur in the recognition and management of their greenhouse gas emissions through actions such as the measurement of carbon footprint, the formulation and implementation of projects, programs, and instruments in energy efficiency, as well as support in the implementation of best practices in energy use, among others.

The second thematic focus on adaptation aims to help companies identify internal and/or external climate risks and develop an internal and/or external roadmap to increase their adaptive capacity by taking measures to reduce the risk of negative climate impacts.

The third thematic focus of the bioeconomy is aimed at strengthening value chains and improving production processes, with a particular emphasis on strengthening initiatives and projects that contribute to the protection and conservation of forests and address the scourge of deforestation.

Green Productivity is a response to climate change because, through a national and multisectoral approach, it will be present in the departments with the highest levels of deforestation and climate vulnerability. It will also support the business sector in managing GHG emissions and increasing adaptive capacity, from contributing to the goals of the Sectoral Integrated Climate Change Management Plan (PIGCC) to the fulfillment of the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

You can read more about the Green Productivity project (Spanish) and the official release .

August 2, 2023


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Image property: Colombia Productiva.