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The Beronia winery in Ollauri, among Spain’s 24 best (2022)

According to Arquitectura Viva.

Since its inception in 1994, the AV Monografías Yearbook has published, year after year, the best architecture built in Spain, reporting on the main topics of debate and the most significant trends in the discipline, while at the same time bringing together the current cultural, economic, political and social events of each period.

In its thirtieth edition, the publication shows, through a selection of twenty-four works completed in our country, the commitment to sustainability of architects who strive to reduce the environmental impact of buildings through a more efficient approach to the use of resources.

With respect to the Beronia Winery in Ollauri, one of the selected ones, AV says, one of the selected ones, AV says “IDOM’s project takes advantage of the inertia of the terrain to improve energy efficiency”.

You can know all the details of the project here.