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Guatemala. Trends in Design and Technological Advances

Borja Aróstegui. Participating in the 9th Edicion of the Catedra Jorge Montes

For over a decade, the University of the Isthmus of Guatemala (UNIS) the Cátedra Jorge Montes. This is “an annual event to learn about and reflect on design trends, technological advances and the trajectory of professionals who have left their mark on national and international architecture “. During the event, several activities are organized for the Architecture students of the Guatemalan and Central American universities. Workshops and competitions are held, with the objective of exchanging experiences between students from different universities, and make contact with national and international figures in the field of architecture, interior design, and decoration. This year, on August 24 and 25, the 9th edition of the Cátedra was held. The theme of this edition was “Globalization, new dialogue in design”, and international architects such as Carlos Ott, Juan Bernardo Dolores, Roberto de Oliveira, and from IDOM Borja Aróstegui, participated. The conference given by Borja “Global Architecture. Experiences in Istanbul, Guatemala and New Delhi” dealt with how IDOM tackles global projects: always considering the context of where they are being undertaken. Borja presented examples of the projects developed by our firm for the Istanbul Metro, Metro Riel of Guatemala, and the New Delhi Exhibition and Convention Centre. See the vídeo of the conference.

September 26, 2017


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