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Hosting the Technical Conference of the Spanish Nuclear Society at our headquarters in Bilbao

In early July, at our headquarters in Bilbao, we had the pleasure of hosting the Technical Conference that the Spanish Nuclear Society holds every year on topics of special interest and current events in the nuclear sector.

The purpose of these Technical Conferences is nothing more than to raise pressing or relevant issues so that a panel of international technical experts can share their experiences, knowledge and lessons learned with other colleagues in the industry.

Staging these technical conferences is a challenge for the organizers and hosts, as they have to balance selecting attractive and innovative topics with the logistical aspects of bringing together more than a hundred professionals, while ensuring that they have a good impression of both the hosts and the quality of the presentations.
In an environment of widespread decommissioning, such as we face in our power plants, the management of large components such as radioactive waste is a challenge for the best professionals and companies in the industry. IDOM is one of them. We are the proud hosts of the event this year, covering topics such as: experience in dismantling large components, waste management via smelting, ITREM project (treatment of metallic waste)…

From IDOM, we hope you will remember this day for its high technical quality, and as a day off from watching your waistline!

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July 7, 2023


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