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IDOM participated in the 60th International Congress in Cartagena, Colombia

challenges faced by water, sanitation, renewable energy and waste management sectors

In early June, the 60th ACODAL International Congress was held in the city of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. ACODAL is the Colombian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering. The International Congress, main event of this type in Latin America, was organised to present and debate topics related to national and international challenges in water, sanitation, renewable energy and waste management sectors and their institutionalization. At this year’s event, Spain was the guest of honor, with a strong presence from companies and political leaders from the Basque Country (the Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa). There was also an important turnout from other countries such as the USA, France, Holland, Republic of Korea, and Germany. In addition to facilitating the establishment of commercial relations (stands, meetings), the congress offered a wide range of technical activities (conferences, masterclasses, presentations, clusters, workshops, academic agendas, etc.). IDOM actively participated in the conference, giving three different sessions:

  • María Álvarez and Iñigo Aizpuru (Project Managers at IDOM) gave a masterclass on A long-term vision of Colombian Cities: urban growth, climate change, and resilience.
  • Rafael Sagarduy, Director of Environment at IDOM, led a workshop on The Paradigm of circular economy: from waste to energy.
  • Mauricio Gómez, Director of the IDOM Madrid office, led a workshop on The financial gains from sustainable infrastructures.

June 20, 2017


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The work of IDOM in this field

IDOM is carrying out significant work in Sustainable Development, Waste Management Plans, Sanitation and River Basin Plans in South and Central America, specifically Colombia.

Among these projects are the Feasibility Study for the recovery of waste in Bogota (6,300 tons/day), Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) of Sustainable Habitat or the Optimization or the Optimization of the logistics and transportation processes in the industry, Studies on the development for the Sustainable Management of the cities of Neiva, Ibagué, Riohacha and Cartagena, or the completed studies of Valledupar, Pasto and Villavicencio.

In recent years, IDOM has also been working on different sanitation projects for the Public Services Company of Colombia (EPM).

Some members of the delegation from IDOM participating in the event: Marta Álvarez, Iñigo Aizpuru, Mauricio Gómez and Rafael Sagarduy