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IDOM, a new member of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2)

After a journey of more than 15 years developing H2-related projects and services (beginning when we joined the Aragon Hydrogen Foundation as a member), and as a result of the strong relationships with large energy companies, technologists, entities and associations involved in the development of the use and application of this gas, we are pleased to report that we have just joined the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2).

It is important to highlight that IDOM’s experience covers an important part of the H2 value chain and related sectors (refining, gas, electricity generation and even mobility, among others), providing services ranging from territorial strategic consulting to the development of detailed engineering for H2 generation projects (including hybrid solutions for renewable energy generation plants with electrolysis systems for the production of Green H2), piping for its transport or mobility applications (such as H2 filling stations).

We are fully convinced that IDOM’s participation in AeH2 will be very beneficial for both parties, through sharing experiences, capabilities and synergies, and a common commitment to the decarbonization of energy. The joint effort of the members of the AeH2 will be essential to face the challenges derived from the ambitious European and global objectives included in the Green Strategies 2030-2050, where H2 appears as a key energy vector, both for its possible application in transport and mobility (a highly competitive zero-emission option for long-range vehicles) as well as for its energy storage capacity of surplus generation (whether durable or seasonal) from renewable sources.

June 10, 2020


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Juan Carlos Sanz ( jsanzurdiales@idom.com )