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IDOM, participating in the Technical Conference on Ventilation and Tunnel Management

On May 18, IDOM participated in the Technical Conference on Ventilation and Tunnel Management in Madrid organized by the Technical Association of Highways (ATC) on the occasion of the presentation of its last two publications. These publications deal with the standardization of ventilation equipment and remote controllers in tunnels. Oscar Borobia Cuesta, Alberto Cuadrado Madrona, Fernando Tomás Casado and Javier Fernández, members of the IDOM Tunnel Safety team, have participated in the development of both publications. They all belong to the ATC “Standardization” working group.

Our colleague Javier Fernández Martínez was in charge of presenting the paper “Diagnosis and upgrading of a ventilation system in a road tunnel. A practical case”. The presentation presented the results of the work carried out in the Lo Prado tunnels in Chile and highlighted the importance of having standardized criteria in the different phases of a project to upgrade this type of infrastructure.

The Technical Association of Highways (ATC) is confident that these publications will become a recommended guide for all those involved in the different phases of a road tunnel, establishing a framework for comparison and possible standardization and facilitating the processes of integration in a Control Center independently of the technology, manufacturer or participating companies.

June 10, 2022


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