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Jorge Bernabéu recognized by the Polytechnic University of Madrid

The Educational Innovation Award

Our colleague Jorge Bernabéu has been awarded the Prize for Educational Innovation from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in recognition of his innovative teaching career over the last five years. Jorge Bernabéu is a tenured professor at the School of Civil Engineering of the UPM, in the of Art and Aesthetics of Engineering teaching unit, where he teaches landscape, construction history and creative design in undergraduate and post graduate programs.

His educational innovation projects propose learner-centred teaching, with the student as the protagonist of his training process. Among these, examples which stand out include: Artefactos, experimental prototypes with which the team study and demonstrate basic principles of civil engineering; Dogma, experimental film manifesto, narrating public works; Looking for Betancourt, collaborative documentary work on the figure and legacy of Agustín de Betancourt; Deconstructing Torroja, an open, transversal and polyhedral reconstruction on the work and relevance of Eduardo Torroja; or the Spaguetti Bridge Competition, a competition in which universities and institutes from around the world participate.

February 27, 2019

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A new twist on Pedagogical Techniques

The projects share five educational strategies: Do (an active attitude of the student), Project (projects instead of exams), Collaborate (shared work), Communicate (presentation and exhibition of projects), Use (use of all instruments: hands, pencils, paper and latest technologies).


A common denominator of all the educational innovation projects is the linking of training with professional practice and the stimulation of creativity in civil engineering.