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San Mames Football Stadium Roof Structure wins Structural Awards

Best Structural Engineering Project in the category of Long Span Structures

Designed by IDOM, the San Mamés football stadium cable roof extension (Bilbao) has been awarded one of the prestigious international Structural Awards. This project has been recognized as the best Long Span Structure, an award for the structural engineering excellence of buildings incorporating spans, which are especially large in relation to the proportions of the structure.

Now in their 50th year, these awards, presented by The Institution of Structural Engineers (UK), are a recognition of the most innovative solutions in the field of structural engineering from around the world. This 2017 ceremony was held in London, on November 17.

The judges declared that “The new EFTE-Clad Roof Extension is a virtuoso performance in the art of balancing tension and compression.”

The structural design devised by IDOM for the extension of the San Mames roof is based on a radial convex cable beam structure with two inner tension rings and an outer compression ring, increasing the span of the roof by between 13 to 23 m (a total of 60-75m considering also the original roof structure).

In addition, the San Mamés stadium roof extension project was also shortlisted for the “Structural Transformation”category. This award is for projects that demonstrate structural engineering excellence in the transformation, extension, renovation or rehabilitation of existing buildings or structures.

The engineers, Armando Bilbao and Javier Llarena attended the award ceremony in representation of IDOM.

We would also like to extend our congratulations to the rest of the firms involved in the San Mamés roof extension project: INBISA Construcción, responsible for the construction of the extension structure, and PFEIFER, responsible for the supply and assembly of cables.

December 1, 2017

Science & Technology

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The Institution of Structural Engineers Awards

The Institution of Structural Engineers has over 27.000 members in over 100 countries around the world. For the 50th anniversary of the Structural awards, the Institution has selected a shortlist of 45 projects, selected from 119 entries, that stand out for their exemplary engineering, creativity, elegance and sustainability in their construction. The Institution also recognizes projects that excel in the engineering design of Tall or Slender structures, and Structures in Extreme Conditions, among other categories.

Other Structural Engineering Awards 

The Roof Project of the San Mamés Football Stadium also received the Spanish ACHE Society Award for the Best Façade and Roof Structure in the third Structural Engineering Awards ceremony.

Receiving the award from members of The Institution of Structural Engineers, second from the left to right: Ruth Brugger (Pfeifer), Javier Campos (Inbisa Construcción), Armando Bilbao and Javier Llarena (IDOM)