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Monography M30: Shear Resistance of structural elements without stirrups

Last October 3rd it was presented at “ETSI de Caminos, Canales y Puertos” of Madrid the Monography M30 about Shear Resistance of Structural Elements without Stirrups of ACHE and in which has participated Patricio Padilla, a workmate of Madrid office.

ACHE is a nonprofit association declared as public utility, and it is formed by technicians interested in the field of concrete structures, both in the development of knowledge and its practical use.

The approach proposed in the monograph is intentionally wide, with a practical component directed to solve the designers’ problems, and another one deeper and more complex oriented to those ones that want to study the physical phenomena proposed in different models and in safety issues.

The designers with no time, can go directly to chapters 2 and 10. The rest of the monography summarizes the state of the art about the experimental campaigns carried out in the past and the modeling both highly sophisticated level (finite element method) as the most widespread regulations, and it is orientated to the researchers or designers which want to have a deeper knowledge.

October 3, 2016


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