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Non-barrier tolling system in Croatia


IDOM is leading a project in the Republic of Croatia, analyzing new solutions for the non-stop & go tolling services to be implemented in the country. The outputs of this project include recommendations on the technology to be introduced on the main Croatian Tolling Motorways, and the design of the said technology.

The design of the technology to be implemented will consider the specific conditions of the country such as the seasonality, the organizational structure and the motorway network (more than 1,150 km and 78 tolling plazas), and the processing of around 50 million tolling transactions per year.

The main objective of this project, being developed for the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure, is to design the strategic plan of the new toll system. IDOM will draw on the firm’s experience to offer a cutting-edge solution, similar to those of other countries of the European Union.

October 18, 2018

Transport Systems

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The national media echo the project: news.

Pictures copyright: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure.