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Philippines Food Chain Logistics Masterplan 2023-2033: Unprecedented excellence to the way the Philippines nourishes its nation

In a world where the importance of efficient and sustainable food systems cannot be overstated, the Philippines is taking a momentous leap forward. A groundbreaking initiative, the Philippine Food Chain Logistics Masterplan 2023 – 2033, funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the Philippines’ Department of Agriculture (DA).

IDOM consulting has designed a revolutionary food logistics roadmap, this masterplan it is set to transform the landscape of agri-food production, food logistics value chain, and Market distribution. This visionary masterplan aims to address long-standing challenges, harness untapped potential, and pave the way for a resilient, competitive, and sustainable food chain logistics system.

Through comprehensive analysis and strategic planning, the masterplan identifies key challenges such as high input costs, fragmented production, limited infrastructure and inadequate regulatory frameworks among many. The masterplan then unfolds with series of 10 strategic recommendations areas (SRA) each designed to revolutionize a crucial aspect of the food chain logistics system encompassing the whole food chain from farm to fork, from clustering cooperatives and associations to establishing an end-to-end cold chain to organizing the wholesale market through food cities.

IDOM is delighted to announce that a momentous workshop will be held on the 19th and 20th of July in Manila to disseminate the groundbreaking Philippine Food Chain Logistics Masterplan. This highly anticipated event will bring together esteemed high-level stakeholders and interested parties from various sectors, from high government officials to industry leaders, and experts.

The PFCLM forging a Path to a Resilient and Efficient Food Chain.


Link to the event website

July 13, 2023

Strategy & Operations

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