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Presenting the University of Bambey at “Architecture & Design” Bilbao

Organized by Grupo Vía, the event brought together over 100 people

On April 11, the latest edition of “Architecture & Design”, organized by Grupo Via, was held in the Ercilla Hotel. During the event, a selection of architecture and design professionals working in the city presented some of their latest works. The event also served to speak of opportunities, the many challenges related to work, the more attractive sectors, and concerns of the group of architects and interior designers.

Among them were Borja Angulo, from Angulo Arquitectura, Iñaki Aurrekoetxea, from IA+B, the interior designer Raquel Lázaro, a partner from Lavela, the architects Unai Gómez and Jon Azpiazu, from the young firm Taperstudio, the interior designer Fernando Enales, from Verno, the architect Marta González, from G & C Estudio, and Javier Aja, from IDOM.

Javier explained the new teaching facilities at the University of Bambey in Senegal, a project that proved especially interesting because of its constructive simplicity, for having been developed in a context very different from that of Bilbao, and for responding to the problems of the location from a sustainable and social perspective.