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Presenting a decalogue on Biodiversity and the City

During the Inspiraction event organized by Women Action Sustainability

On November 18, Women Action Sustainability organized the WAS Biodiversity and City Inspiraction event during which a decalogue was presented with recommendations for the balance of biodiversity and human well-being in cities. Its objective: to promote greater awareness of public authorities, professionals and citizens in general.

This decalogue has been prepared by the WAS Nature, City and Infrastructures working group, made up of professionals from different fields of the public and private sector, working on its drafting and publication, under the coordination of our colleague Manuela Casado, a WAS partner. The document sets out five lines of work on which to act to guarantee the balance of biodiversity and the quality of life in cities: ecological connectivity, water cycle, urban regeneration and micro-landscapes, city of proximity, and people and citizens.

In turn, for each of these axes, four lines of action are proposed, from whose performance six central benefits are derived: adaptation to climate change, mitigation of it, improvement of biodiversity, improvement of environmental quality, improvement of health and well-being and improvement of spaces for interpersonal encounters.

The event was led by Delia García (L’Oreal), a WAS Transformation Member, and also counted on the participation of, among others, David Lucas, Secretary General of Urban Agenda and Housing of the Secretary of State for Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda; Gema Igual (Mayor of the Santander City Council, a WAS Partner; or Ángela Baldellou (CSCAE, Director of Observatory 2032), a WAS Partner.

December 9, 2021


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Women Action Sustainability

Women Action Sustainability is an association of women executives that aims to promote the commitment of companies, institutions, entities and society to sustainability.