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Puy du Fou Toledo is now open

Full house for opening night

On August 30th last, the inauguration of the Puy du Fou Park took place in Toledo with the first performance of the night show, an allegorical and epic trip through the history of Spain.

4,000 people completely filled the place up, to get a first-hand taste of what the park will offer in 2021, when the first stage of the day park is inaugurated.

After the show, the ovation went on for over 10 minutes. This was followed by some of the most well-known figures of Puy du Fou gathering together on stage: Philippe de Villiers, founder of the company, his son Nicolas, president of Puy du Fou, Erwan de la Villeon, managing director for Puy du Fou Spain and Jesus Sainz, vice-president. They were all very grateful to the audience and the authorities for their attendance. Amongst the latter were the Minister of Tourism, Ms Reyes Maroto, the regional President of Castilla La Mancha, Mr Emiliano Garcia Paje and the Mayor of Toledo, Ms Milagros Tolon, all of which agreed on the great value of the new park.

The final touch was given by a concert by Carlos Nuñez.

In order to carry out this unique project, Puy du Fou commissioned IDOM with the Project Management, the construction stage supervision and management, the project preparation and supervision of the urbanization, the project preparation of two of the main buildings in the park and the strategic environmental study.

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September 10, 2019


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History of a park

The origin of the Puy du Fou Park in France dates back to 1978, when its first night show took place. It told the story of a local family from medieval times up until the Second Wold War. Located next to the ruins of the Renaissance castle of Puy du Fou, in the western French region of Vendee, the Puy du Fou Park is at present the second most visited in the country. It offers its visitors the possibility of time travel, with day and night performances, villages of the time with local artisan workshops, and perfectly decorated hotels and restaurants. Since 1998, its academy has trained young people in the different disciplines related with the park’s shows and functioning.