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Second edition of the programme: Green Finance for the development of Smart Cities in Mexico

Working to accelerate the implementation of low carbon local projects and sustainable development.


Over the last 16 months, the project “Green Finance for the Development of Smart Cities “, in its second edition, has succeeded in strengthening the competencies of public officials from seven Mexican cities thanks to the financial support of UK PACT (United Kingdom Partnering for Accelerated Climate Transitions). The purpose of the skill-building was to help identify, select and prepare investment projects that contribute to climate change mitigation, sustainable development, while promoting gender equality and social inclusion, by accessing sources or mechanisms of green finance or designing innovative business models to release public, private or mixed capital flows.

The following municipalities were the beneficiaries in this implementation version: Chihuahua, Hermosillo, Merida, Monterrey, Naucalpan, Villahermosa, and Zapopan.

 Drawing on the extensive experience of IDOM’s low-carbon economy consultancy team, a reliable pathway that guides the preparation activities of a city project from its conceptual phase in climate and urban planning; through the preparation stages: prefeasibility and feasibility; which analyze its bankability and feasibility in the market for its subsequent financial contracting and implementation. It is of utmost importance to identify those projects eligible for financing and aligned with the Paris Agreement on climate change, which in the proposed methodology are projects with the following characteristics: climate, feasible (technically and politically), profitable and transformational (towards decarbonization). 

During the course of the assistance, more than fifteen group training sessions were held on specific financial and technical solutions for the sectors being supported, ESG impact, contribution to the SDGs and other specific financial modeling requirements. Click on the following link to see the sessions. 

In addition, the IDOM team collaborated in the creation and strengthening of linkages and networks (working groups) between local governments, federal institutions, investors and financial institutions, and other relevant stakeholders for each project, thus contributing to the strengthening of the green finance ecosystem in Mexico.







October 26, 2022

Competitiveness & Innovation

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To learn more about the 16 projects that were supported and how cities have been able to benefit from IDOM's assistance, we recommend that you read the following publically available documents:

Final Report 2021- 2022 (Available soon)

Case Studies of the 14 projects (Spanish)