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Tunnel Safety: Innovation & Digitization


Given the evolution of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, this year’s edition of the International Seminar on “Standards in Road Tunnels” will take place virtually, beginning form today until October 28.

This event, organized by CTES (the Committee of Tunnels and Underground Spaces of Chile), together with the MOP (Ministry of Public Works) and CDT (the Technological Development Corporation of CChC, the Chilean Chamber of Construction), will count on the participation of four invited countries, Spain, Austria, Norway and Sweden. These leading countries in tunnel development will present their design philosophy, the structure of the regulations or the most relevant technical aspects, among others.

Today, during the first day, Spain will make technical presentations, such as that of Javier Borja, a tunnel safety expert at IDOM, at 17:00 (Chilean time). Javier will discuss the latest trends in tunnel safety, examining some of the important axes such as digitization and innovation.

October 21, 2020

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Javier Borja