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Strategic plan for digitalization of the port of Seville

The digital transformation division of IDOM Consulting, developing the strategic plan for the digitalization of the port of Seville


The Port Authority of Seville (APS) has launched an ambitious digital transformation plan for its port, which seeks to incorporate innovative solutions to improve competitiveness and logistics connectivity, for which an investment of 8 million euros until 2026 has been planned.

The digital transformation team of IDOM Consulting has been in charge of the design and implementation of the strategic plan. This plan contemplates 49 measures under two strategic lines 1) the modernization of systems and technology, and 2) the increase of competitiveness and the improvement of logistics connectivity.

Parameters such as sustainability, connectivity and security are crucial in defining what the ports of the future will be: more efficient and interconnected ports that self-optimize with real-time data and are supported by virtual reality. In the case of the port of Seville, one of the main challenges they had was the optimization of schedules and their ability to add greater flexibility, frequency and competitive cost to the logistics chain.

For this, the IDOM team has proposed different solutions such as making the most of the waterway and estuary management; to favor maritime-terrestrial synchro-modality and railway excellence; as well as to connect the port community and improve the exchange of information of all the agents in the logistics chain.

To learn more about the project, we invite you to watch the video of the presentation day of the Plan, where Joaquín Muñoz Gálvez, an IT expert from IDOM and Sandra Sinde Cantorna, the Director of public procurement of innovation at IDOM, presented the roadmap of the transformation and developed a workshop with the port community to detect new perspectives and trends.


October 19, 2022

Digital transformation

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