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Sustainable mobility for the future

The Competitiveness and Innovation Team of IDOM is excited to have participated in the MUBIL Mobility Expo, the leading trade show for the sustainable mobility industry. IDOM has been supporting MUBIL for more than 5 years in the implementation of the Smart and Sustainable Mobility Hub of the Basque Country. We had the opportunity to share our experience and vision for the future of mobility, exploring the key issues that shape this constantly evolving sector.

During the event, we stressed the importance of innovation technology hubs, the vital role of SMEs, the data economy, and its influence on business strategies, as well as the continuous support of start-ups and venturing to foster disruptive innovation.

At the Expo, we had the privilege of interviewing MUBIL’s CEO about his vision for the mobility of the future. This conversation provided us with a valuable perspective that we hope to share with our community and apply to our future projects. As Igor Villarreal comments, “We are moving towards a new concept of mobility, not only micromobility and heavy vehicles, but all new business model concepts such as car sharing.

At IDOM, we remain committed to driving innovation and sustainability in the mobility industry. Although the MUBIL Mobility Expo has come to an end, the exchange of ideas and collaboration continues, and we look forward to contributing to the advancement of sustainable and intelligent mobility in the future.