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Sustainable mobility plan for big events

Over the last decade, Bizkaia has worked to attract major sporting and cultural events, with the aim of raising the profile of the territory, offering highly specialized servicing in the tourism sector.

The Bilbao Rugby Finals 2018, the MTV Awards, UEFA EURO 2020 (not held due to Covid-19) and the Tour de France are some of the major events that have been held in the city of Bilbao. These events have demonstrated the city’s ability to successfully meet all challenges. The upcoming Women’s Champions League 2024 and Europa League 2025 finals, both UEFA, and the Bilbao Rugby Finals 2026 will provide new opportunities to surpass previous successes.

These events attract large numbers of fans, locally, nationally, and globally, whose presence in the area requires special management and care, including event security, hotel management, sponsoring and more.

One of the key issues for any major event is to have a tailor-made mobility, transport and ticketing plan to ensure the success of the event. IDOM has brought its expertise to bear in this area, with the joint participation of its Telecom, ITS & Security, Airports, Mobility and Consultancy divisions:

  • Management of large-scale car, bus and motorhome car parking facilities.
  • Airport Operational Plan (Bilbao and Vitoria)
  • Traffic Plan, parking restrictions, traffic closures and diversions.
  • Public Transport, reinforcements and simulation of scenarios and integrated ticketing
  • KLM (Last Kilometer) Management
  • Coordination with Security and Emergency plans, Command posts.
  • Integrated event signage.
  • Tendering of services and supplies to sustain the plans.