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The proton therapy unit at the Donostia University Hospital will bear the IDOM stamp

On 30 January, Osakidetza, the Basque health service, held a press conference to present the proton therapy unit that will be part of the Donostia hospital project, for which we are the project leader after winning a public tender.

IDOM is responsible for the design of the construction projects, the preparation of the documentation required to obtain the license for the operation of the radioactive facility from the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) and will carry out the project management.

Proton therapy is currently one of the most advanced and safest radiotherapy techniques for the treatment of certain types of cancer. Proton therapy is an innovative treatment that uses a beam of protons to target tumour tissue with greater precision and less toxicity than conventional radiotherapy. It is therefore indicated for paediatric patients and certain types of tumours.

This new unit is part of the Amancio Ortega Foundation’s donation for the implementation of proton therapy in Spain, as part of the Foundation’s Public Oncology Support Programme and within the framework of Sustainable Development Goal 3: Health and Well-being. The installation of these new machines will have a direct impact on the quality of life of public health users.

It will be located in a new building next to the Onkologikoa center, creating a reference center for cancer treatment.

The new building will have a total of 10,000m2 distributed over 4 floors, two of them below ground level, with consultation, planning and treatment areas.

All the spaces will revolve around the patient, seeking their comfort and showing special care in the areas for children’s patients.

The works are scheduled to begin in June 2024 and will last approximately two years.

The Donostia unit will be the fifth proton therapy treatment room developed by IDOM. IDOM has also designed a proton therapy research room.

February 9, 2024


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