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Innovating in migration analysis: Cutting-edge technology platform

IDOM has been commissioned to design and build an innovative platform to improve migration coordination between Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). The project is part of the Technical Cooperation RG-T3546 “Improving Migration Information Systems in the Region”. It aims to facilitate the rapid and secure exchange of information on migration procedures.

The Interoperability Technology Platform will be key to strengthening inter-agency coordination and improving the management of safe and orderly migration. In order to develop a common standard and promote regional harmonization, IDOM will conduct comprehensive studies. In addition, a digital platform based on open-access software will be developed. This will enable efficient data exchange between participating countries.

The use of artificial intelligence will be fundamental in this project. A predictive model will be developed to facilitate the prediction of migration flows. This innovative approach will not only optimize coordination between countries, but it will also improve the experience of migrants as they move between countries.

The IDB stresses the importance of adapting quickly to changing migration regulations and rights. The lack of mechanisms for assimilation and integration of migrants can lead to continuous movement between countries, thereby missing valuable opportunities. The IDOM-led Technology Platform will be a key tool to strengthen regional coordination, prepare countries for future migration flows, and improve the overall experience of migrants in the region. This is a critical step towards safer, more orderly and beneficial migration for all.

February 13, 2024


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