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The road between Kvesheti and Kobi in Georgia gets the green light


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a loan of $415 million to finance the improvement of a stretch of high-altitude mountain road in Georgia, in line with its commitment to favour economic, sustainable growth, which is resilient and inclusive, in the Asia-Pacific region. The project, which runs between the towns of Kvesheti and Kobi, is located in the north-south corridor of the country. This is considered strategic because of the connection between Europe and Asia.

IDOM carried out the Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering of the project, for the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (Georgia), coordinated with the technicians of the Roads Department of Georgia.

The solution, designed according to European standards, introduces significant improvements to the current infrastructure: reducing the distance from 35 km to 22 km and travel time from one hour to about 20 minutes, increasing, in turn, road safety. Likewise, the positive social impact of this new project is noteworthy, by facilitating the connection of populations in the Khada Valley that, until now, are isolated by winter snowfall, while promoting tourism and the economic development of these areas.

The project is strongly conditioned by extreme weather and rugged terrain, which necessitates the construction of several viaducts and tunnels. Noteworthy, is the arch bridge with a total length of 432 m and a span of 285 m over the Khada Valley, or the 9 km tunnel, excavated using a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), located at the highest point of the route (3,300 m), under Mount Sadzele.

Construction of this infrastructure is expected to begin during the coming year.

August 14, 2019

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