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Transitioning from ITS to Smart Mobility Solutions

Innovative smart mobility solutions in 13 cities

or several decades, transport authorities around the world have relied on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) to make more efficient use of existing transport infrastructure with the aim of reducing traffic congestion, accidents, and air pollution.  Despite advances in implementation capacity, cities in the developing world are not realizing the full potential of the new generation of ITS or smart mobility applications. In this context, the World Bank is seeking to transition its portfolio to encompass the new generation of smart mobility applications.

IDOM has recently awarded in an innovative project where disruptive thinking in transportation will follow a methodology that ends in a guideline for smart mobility applications/solutions.

This guideline will help the World Bank to build the capacity of Bank staff supporting cities for a transition from ITS to smart mobility applications/solutions. The project will also develop implementation readiness assessments and implementation action plans in the context of Bank operations in order to encourage cities to undertake innovative smart mobility solutions in 13 cities.

May 28, 2021

Telecommunications & security Infrastructures

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Íñigo Larraondo ( telecom@idom.com )