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UK: Development of safe nuclear components

IDOM is participating in the development of pressure tanks

In September 2016, the British Government approved the construction of a new nuclear power station in Somerset, South West England. The Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant will be the first to be built in the UK in over 20 years. It will feature two European Pressurized Reactors (EPR™), Generation III+ models with a total electrical power capacity of 3200 MW and a service life of 60 years.

In this context, the Spanish firm ENSA has been contracted by AREVA, with its headquarters in La Défense in Paris,  to design and manufacture fourteen embedded pressure tanks for the two reactors. Twelve of these tanks will be located in a controlled area within the reactor buildings and the remaining two will be located in the fuel buildings. Given the functions performed by these components, they are classified as safety related and thus, they will be subject to strict nuclear Quality Assurance requirements. In addition, they will be designed and manufactured following the French code RCC-M: Design and construction rules for the mechanical components of Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) nuclear islands.

IDOM is now collaborating with ENSA in the development of the engineering works related to the design and manufacturing of the tanks, specifically in the area of risk analysis and failure modes, radiation protection, health and safety, human factors, reliability, maintainability and availability. Following this collaboration, it is expected that the relationship between the International Spanish companies, ENSA and IDOM, will continue over time, with the development of future large projects related to this field in the sector.

August 11, 2017


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