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Underground stations of Line 3 of the Metro of Riyadh


In June 2017, the 6th ACHE (Scientific-Technical Association of Structural Concrete) Congress was held in A Coruña. IDOM participate in the event, giving several presentations. One of these entitled Underground stations of Riyadh Metro project line 3. Deep stations with counter-vault, was selected by the Scientific Committee to be published in its Concrete & Steel (Hormigón y Acero) journal. The article can be downloaded from the following link.

The eight deep stations with counter-vault of Line 3 of the Riyadh Metro are formed by four underground levels that constitute the deep box, where a central atrium configures all passenger flows. The temporary works consist of a bottom-up construction method. The excavation works have been carried out using cut and cover, consisting of a bottom-up construction method. The intermediate and top levels have been designed with precast pre-stressed beams and concrete in-situ slabs, with and evolutional structural behavior. IDOM has been responsible for the design of Line 3, as part of the design and build consortium.

January 17, 2018

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The authors of the article: Gonzalo Zarrabeitia Ullibarri, Francisco Javier Gómez Corral and Antonio Martín Colecha.