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242 Social Housing Units in Salburua


The plot, following the criteria established by urban planning, is occupied by a 21-storey tower, a continuous U-shaped block with a variable height between four and seven floors.

The design of the building is based on the premises of energy saving and economy

Entrances to the flats and the 9 premises are located on the ground floor. The two basement floors occupy the entire plot and are used for garages, storage rooms and technical rooms. The rest of the area is used for social housing. The building is designed based on the premises of energy saving and economy of means, following the criteria established by the owner. The urban plan gives us a certain margin regarding the design of the heights of the building that is used to achieve the maximum level of sunlight in the patio and the facades that in turn limit the maximum the height of the building located to the south.



; the garages, the storage rooms and the tower´s technical rooms are located on the two basements,; additional storage rooms of the dwellings are located in the attic. The houses are built with a view to offering excellent living conditions, being energy efficient, and economizing the common areas, giving priority to double orientations and offering the best views of the environment. In the interior, development is proposed to maintain the spirit of continuous green area plan (the linear park), so that the courtyard is perceived as an expansion of urban space instead of an enclosure.


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Construction Management
Architecture & Engineering Design

Iñaki Garai ( igz@idom.com )

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