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It could be said that the residential typology is the origin of architecture and the one that most closely conditions the lives of its inhabitants

It could be said that the residential typology is the origin of architecture, intensely conditioning the life of its inhabitants. With this in mind, residential architecture is the perfect opportunity to reflect and adapt to the multiple changing needs that are required for living.

From comfort conditions that meet the most objective needs, to more subjective ones that require residential architecture to represent the dreams of the inhabitants and, of course, with very demanding economic conditions, it is an ideal typology for the development of capabilities and mission of the IDOM team.

Iñaki Garai
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49 apartments and creche in Bermondsey

The main purpose of the project is to maintain a visual and physical connection between St. James’s Road and the church gardens, opening...

58 subsidized flats Torresolo

The 58 subsidized and unsubsidized dwellings were developed in two symmetrical blocks located on the edge of a hillside in Leioa with great...

242 Social Housing Units in Salburua

The plot, following the criteria established by urban planning, is occupied by a 21-storey tower, a continuous U-shaped block with a variable height...


58 subsidized flats Torresolo


Finalist - 2017 Architizer A+Awards