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Siddhirganj Combined Cycle Power Plant – 335 MW


Isolux Corsán has built a 335 MW combined-cycle electricity generation plant in Siddhirganj, one of Bangladesh’s key industrial hubs located 20 km from the capital, Dhaka.

335 MW Siddhirganj plant is a Combined Cycle owned by EGCB, with a 1x1x1 multi-shaft configuration. The technology used in this CCGT is based on one gas turbine GE 9FA model, three pressure levels HRSG of CMI and GE steam turbine.

The design developed by IDOM was planned to allow the start up of the Plant as a Single Cycle (GT+ By Pass Stack and Diverter Dumpers) in twenty months from NTP and the operation in combined cycle in month thirty.

Cycles :

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Isolux Corsán

Basic Engineering
Detailed Engineering

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