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4beg-IAk / Water resources monitoring system using Smart, Autonomous, and Low Energy Consumption Stations


IDOM is developing, together with the DeustoTech technology center, and with the collaboration of the Hydraulic Works Department of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, the 4beg-IAk project, which aims to design and implement an innovative solution for monitoring water resources.

The proposed solution includes a new type of smart gauging station, based on computer vision technology. This new type of gauging station will also be autonomous, having low energy consumption and being self-powered, and will be able to communicate using low bandwidth, analyzing the captured images in the edge, on the station itself. In this way, the stations can be deployed quickly and at low cost in any type of environment, including remote and dispersed areas.

Integral security management solution

The solution will also include a centralized system that aggregates the data from the different stations and other sources, allows it to be viewed, and uses it to feed predictive models that facilitate the management of water resources and emergencies on a preventive basis.

This project has been subsidized through the Hazitek 2021 program to support business R&D of the Basque Government, and the European Regional Development Fund.

Project nº: ZL-2021/00972

Security & Integration : Telecommunications & security

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