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58 subsidized flats Torresolo


The 58 subsidized and unsubsidized dwellings were developed in two symmetrical blocks located on the edge of a hillside in Leioa with great visibility in the surroundings, alongside two other unsubsidized housing blocks.

The large access space becomes the protagonist and common area of coexistence among teh neighbours

The Town Council, aware of this special situation, arranged for the set of buildings to keep a special coordination, with homogeneous materials and volumes. The two developers involved wanted the houses to have a timeless and durable character. For this reason, face bricks were chosen as the material for the façade and the dark aluminium for the window areas.In the same way, the Master plan allowed for and encour-aged the construction of great common areas for accessing the houses.

Therefore, six completely out-facing dwellings were proposed, which are accessed through a passageway that runs round a semi-exterior patio with natural lighting. This inside, ample and generous, turns into a common area where the neighbours can coexist.


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Construcciones Sukia Eraikuntzak S.A.

- 2017 -
Finalist - 2017 Architizer A+Awards

Construction Management
Architecture & Engineering Design

Iñaki Garai ( igz@idom.com )
Inés López Taberna
Ricardo Moutinho

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