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Active Mobility in Dubai

United Arab Emirates

The the development of smart sustainable mobility solutions and infrastructures can be a determining factor in the quality of life of the citizens. In this sense, Dubai has decided to promote the modes of non-motorized travel, as an essential and complementary part of the transport network of the city, through a Strategic Plan of Active Mobility.

Active Mobility is the engine of social welfare

The objective is that non-motorized modes of become the transport of choice for the mobility of citizens, thanks to their important contribution to reducing pollution and the dependence on non-renewable energies, while favouring economic activity, and new uses and services associated with the axes of communication, while also integrating them into a more liveable and inclusive urban space. In addition to this study, IDOM has also developed the Strategic Plan for Non-Motorized Modes in Brasilia (Brazil).


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Road & Transport Authority of Dubai