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Aldapeta María Ikastetxea School in San Sebastian


The Aldapeta María Ikastetxea School, located on Aldapeta Galtzada Street in the City of San Sebastian, is situated on a privately owned plot of land on a headland called Alto de Aiete, from which there are views over La Concha Bay.

The project contemplates the execution of a new 18,000 m2 school, which involves the complete substitution of the original school, which dates from the end of the 19th century. The direction in which education is heading requires new appropriate spaces to educate according to new pedagogical methods. The Colegio de Marianistas in San Sebastián aims to implement a new pedagogical model based on modern educational methodologies, in addition to a commitment to information technologies as tools to support education. For this reason, Compañía de María decided to demolish the old school in order to build a new school, adapted to the new tools, which allows maximizing the new educational practices.


At the same time, the new building has invested in new construction technologies, with ultimate features to achieve an efficient building in its consumption, using geothermal energy from the solar maximizing energy efficiency in its operation.

Architecture : Design : Education

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It aims to implement a new pedagogical model based on modern educational methodologies.

- 2022 -
Prize. World Design Awards 2022. Category: Educational Design Built
Shortlisted. WAF Awards 2022 Category: Completed Building - School

Architectural and Engineering Design
Construction Management

Antonio Lorén ( alc@idom.com )
Olatz Maestre ( omaestre@idom.com )

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