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Markham College Elementary School


Markham College, a leading school in Peru, focused on bilingual and international education, launched a competition for the design and construction management of a building for primary education. The proposal presented by IDOM, in collaboration with the Danish studio Rosan Bosch Studio, was the winner.

The design is conceived as a learning landscape that develops the potential of each student, in an environment where the acquisition of knowledge and nature go hand in hand. Flexible units, natural ventilation, mobile elements, folding walls and the diversity of spaces for breaks are part of the design proposal of a school prepared for the unexpected.

The use of natural materials and extensive vegetation allows nature to enter and leave the building and the exterior and interior to merge.

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of the design strategy. The proposal will involve construction with almost zero energy and a zero net carbon footprint, while integrating local, reused or recycled materials.

Architecture : Design : Education

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The project includes flexible units, natural ventilation and the diversity of spaces for breaks

Markham College

Architecture Project
Construction Management

Manuel Andrades

  • Open learning space interior view_Markham College_IDOM_Rosan Bosch
  • República Street Access View_Markham College_IDOM_Rosan Bosch
  • Rio Hablador interior view_Markham College_IDOM_Rosan Bosch
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  • The Tree Hall interior view_Markham College_IDOM_Rosan Bosch
  • Western Facade aereal view_Markham College_IDOM_Rosan Bosch