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Beronia Winery in Ollauri


Careful integration within the landscape, anchoing to the terrain, seeking a unitary operation in all its dimensions.

The project began with a thoughtful approach to the location in its historical, geographical, geological, topographic and symbolic dimensions, anchoring itself to the terrain seeking a unitary operation in all its dimensions.

The site is located in the area of Rioja Alta, in the municipality of Ollauri. The surrounding slopes are very gentle, forming a plateau on which the lands of the vineyard extend, dotted with small hills. This plateau is dominated to the north and south by mountain formations.

Taking advantage of an 8-meter concave terrain facing southeast, the winery is embedded, leaving the production architectural program underground and placing the social program above ground. This strategy permits:

  • Production by gravity: the loading of the grapes is carried out at the upper level, processing in a descending manner.
  • Taking advantage of thermal inertia: the wine production, aging and storage spaces are below ground.
  • Integration into the landscape, connecting the landscape of the upper and lower level through the building itself.

The winery is structured around two large program blocks. The productive program, below ground level and the social and wine tourism program, above ground level.

The first, strictly functional, is organized into three packages (tanks, barrels and cages) that are articulated in a linear process. These pieces are adapted to the terrain, formalizing themselves in rectangular buildings, whose position and dimension were optimized to adapt to the geology of the area, avoiding the subsoil rock and balancing the earthworks.

The service spaces needed for production are located between the interlocked warehouses.

The social programme is located above ground level and is in a close visual relationship with the landscape and the production process, without interfering. This industry-territory binomial is intended and seeks to make this transparency a global experience.

The new Beronia Rioja Winery, intended for Premium wines, is called to be a benchmark building for wine tourism and in terms of wine production technologies. We designed the building with careful integration into the landscape, which, almost entirely buried, takes advantage of the thermal insulation provided by the land.

Architecture : Corporate : Design : Leisure & Culture

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Careful integration within the landscape, anchoing to the terrain, seeking a unitary operation in all its dimensions.


- 2022 -
Prize. International Architecture Awards 2022
Shortlisted. International Biennial of Architecture of Buenos Aires 2022
- 2021 -
1st Prize Architecture Masterprize 2021. Cat: Agricultural Building
Gold. First Prize. WAN Awards 2021. Category: Commercial
Prize. World Design Awards 2021
Shortlisted WAF Awards Cat: Mixed Use Completed Buildings
- -
LEED Gold Certification

Architecture, Interior Design & Engineer Concept, Schematic and Executive Design
Conceptual Design
Construction Management
Interior Design & Engineer Concept
Schematic and Executive Design

Borja Gómez
Gonzalo Tello ( gte@idom.com )
Javier Pérez Uribarri ( jpu@idom.com )

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