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Bioethanol plant in Hugoton, Kansas


Located in Hugoton, Kansas (USA), Abengoa’s commercial scale ethanol production plant uses around 300,000 dry tons of second-generation (2G) biomass (locally sourced agricultural waste) to produce more than 25 Mgal of lignocellulosic ethanol (2G ethanol) and 21 MW of renewable electricity. The plant has a cogeneration area for electrical energy that allows it to operate as a self-sufficient producer of renewable energy.

Abener Ghenova Engineering (the Abengoa Group) has developed with IDOM the detailed engineering of this new plant, a project partially funded by the US Department of Energy.

IDOM has developed the detailed engineering for 3 of the 6 plants in the facility:

  • Cogeneration plant (biomass), cooling systems and water and storage plant.
  • Ethanol warehouse.
  • Distillation/dehydration unit.

The scope of the services provided by IDOM includes civil engineering, and the electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and control facilities of the three plants mentioned.

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Abengoa Group

Detailed Engineering

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