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Ômega Green Project – Renewable diesel (HVO) and jet fuel (SPK) plant


ECB Group, a company with a large experience in agribusiness and biofuels, is developing the Ômega Green Project, an integrated complex to be located at the industrial zone of Villeta, 60 km South of Asunción (Paraguay) dedicated to the production of Renewable Diesel (HVO) and Renewable Jet Fuel (SPK).

Acciona has been selected by ECB Group on an exclusive basis for the early phase of this project, which will be the first advanced renewable fuel plant in the Southern Hemisphere with several competitive advantages when compared to other existing and planned biorefineries in the world.

The first advanced renewable fuel plant in the Southern Hemisphere

Ômega Green is an integrated project designed to produce a total of 20,000 barrels/day (294 million gallons/year) of Renewable Diesel, Renewable Jet Fuel, and by-products. This facility will use UCOs (used cooking oils), animal fats, and soybean oil that will be transformed via hydrotreating into diesel or jet fuel. The Ômega Green facility has two independent main technology processes, pre-treatment (Crown technology) and hydrotreating (Honeywell-UOP). The pre-treatment consists of four stages (acid degumming, washing and drying, double pass bleaching, and crude fat drying and filtration for the dirty line) and it raises the quality of the raw materials to the level required by the hydrotreating unit. Hydrotreating consists of hydrogenation and isomerization of the pre-treated raw materials. Additionally, this HVO process has a cracking and separating stage for the production of jet fuel.

While the main products of the Omega Green facility are renewable green jet fuel and renewable green diesel, the Unit has some additional by-products of the process, mainly LPG and Naphtha, that are used by the unit for thermal or chemical necessities.

ECB Group and Acciona signed an agreement to develop the FEED of the project, which has been subcontracted to IDOM with the following scope:

  • Technical Project Management.
  • Extended Basic Engineering and Design for the OSBL systems, tank farms, and ISBL interconnections: process, mechanical – piping, I&C.
  • Extended Basic Engineering and Design for the OSBL and ISBL systems: electricity and civil design.
  • Interaction and coordination with Technology  Honeywell UOP and pretreatment technology provider Crown technology.
  • Technical purchase services.
  • FEL3 cost estimation.


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