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Boavista II: Floating power plant on a non-propelled pontoon – 42 MW


The Ministry of Energy and Water of Angola awarded the Cueto-Soluciones joint venture, the construction of a 42 MW thermal power plant on a pontoon that will be moored in the port of the country’s capital, Luanda. The objective of this project is to reinforce the electricity supply in the city, which suffers an infrastructure deficit to meet the demand of more than 7 million inhabitants, a population that grew as a result of the rural exodus resulting from the civil war that ravaged the country between 1975 and 1992.

The gas turbine (GE 6B with 42.1 MW of power, sufficient capacity to supply energy to 70,000 inhabitants) was installed on a non-self-propelled steel barge in the port of Vigo, from where it was transported to Luanda by means of a semi submersible boat.

First floating power plant project developed and constructed in Spain.

The pontoon, built with a double hull, is 63 m in total length, 18 m of plot beam and 4 m of strut. Its hull houses ballast water tanks (950 m³), the pump room, diesel tanks (2,300 m³) to power the plant. Above deck are the main turbine equipment, an 11.5 / 63 kV power transformer, a GIS type substation, a water treatment plant, generator sets, auxiliary equipment, and warehouses. This floating power plant is connected to a Luanda power substation and a gas pipeline through which the fuel will arrive. The electrical connection to the dock is made by insulated cable supported by an exit portico and the supply of process and service fluids through flexible pipes.

DOM has participated in this project providing engineering services during the design and Technical Assistance phase during the construction, assembly and commissioning phases of the plant. The main challenges of this project have been to adapt a gas turbine power plant to the requirements of an offshore marine environment, mainly because of having to adapt the facilities to being anchored on a barge instead of being built on land (variable inclination of the hull, corrosion, etc.) and the turbine cooling system used (heat exchangers fed with seawater).

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Detailed Engineering
Technical Assistance during Commissioning
Technical Assistance during construction


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