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Bogota Metro: Line 1


At present, the main mode of public transport for the 8 million inhabitants of Bogota, a bus system which uses an exclusive BRT lane, has now reached saturation level. Therefore, the advanced delivery of the designs of the first metro line, following several years of delays and waiting, was a cause for celebration in the entire city.

Bogota Metro Line 1 is an underground project, 27 km in length, running between Portal de Las Americas station and the station of 127 Street, with a total of 27 stations, a 4.5 km technical section (the yards and workshops at the beginning of the line), and an investment of $7,500 million.

The first metro line of Bogota will radically change the mobility of this large city

Demand is estimated at 800,000 passengers per day, with a critical load at peak time of 55,000 passengers per hour in each direction. By 2050, the critical load at peak time will be 80,000 passengers, and it is estimated that 1,350,000 passengers will use the metro daily. The commercial speed will be 35 km/h and initially the frequency of the train will be every 2.5 minutes. The rolling stock required for the launch of the line will be a fleet of 47 trains with 6 carriages per train.

The line will be fully automated with driverless trains, a CBTC signalling system and platform doors capable of increasing the operating frequency by up to 90 sec.

The scope of the project includes the geometric design, tunnel, workshops and depots, stations, urban planning, systems and rolling stock.

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Institute of Urban Development of Bogota

Advanced Basic Design

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