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Bi-Oceanic Corridor in Bolivia: 6 Municipal Plans of Territorial Planning & 1 Meta-plan


The region between the City of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, and the Brazilian border, is part of the International Bi-Oceanic Corridor: a commercially attractive, 3,000-km axis, connecting Sao Paulo to the Pacific Basin.

To take advantage of this geo-strategic situation and implement a planned, inclusive and sustainable territorial model, 6 Municipal Plans of Territorial Planning and a META-PLAN have been developed for the Bi-Oceanic Corridor. Their purpose is to promote the different vocations and existing production chains of each municipality.

Promote vocations and production chains of each municipality

For each of the municipalities – Pailon, San Jose, Robore, Carmen Rivero Torrez, Puerto Suárez and Puerto Quijarro – deficiencies and potentialities related to their biophysical, political-institutional, socioeconomic and environmental aspects have been evaluated. This analysis permits us to identify the areas of vulnerability, the hierarchical system of the different subcenters, the main territorial tendencies of each municipality for 10 to 20 years.

A participatory process involving local and regional authorities and agents has been undertaken, to define the profile of each municipality in terms of the capabilities and potential of their productive chains.

To complement all the above, a META-PLAN for the Bi-Oceanic Corridor has also been developed, including the corresponding economic activity and employment catalyst projects

Projects have been identified in Pailon (agricultural sector), San Jose (water sector), Robore (tourist activities), El Carmen and Puerto Suarez (industrial sector), and Puerto Quijarro (logistics).

Economic and Regional Development

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Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Santa Cruz

Cross-Border Socio-Economic Development Strategies
Investment Attraction Plan
META-PLAN of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor
Multi-sector Assessment of the Territory
Municipal Plans for Territorial Planning

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