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BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) System for the city of Taranto, Italy


IDOM is carrying out the Technical-Economic Feasibility Project and the Basic Design for the “Bus Rapid Transit” lines in the City of Taranto. With a very high frequency service, this electric transport system runs on segregated lanes, with the aim of increasing the speed of traditional road transport and achieving a performance similar to that of a classic metro.

The BRT network project, included in the Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (Piano Urbano della Mobilità Sostenibile – PUMS), is being developed following a multi-criteria process (considering cost, execution time, technologies, sustainability, etc.) in close coordination with the municipal administration of Taranto.

The BRT, the largest and most innovative in Italy and among the most important in Europe will impact strongly on the socio-economic development of the city and the province, and the sustainable transformation of the transport sector. It has two main components:

  • Blue Line: Tamburi-Talsano (40 km approx.), serving the old town and various neighborhoods in the center and south of the city, as well as several hospitals.
  • Red Line: Paolo VI – Cimino (42 km approx.), serving the old town and various neighborhoods located in the north of the city, as well as points of interest such as Via Dante Alighieri and the shopping center.

The projects are being carried out in collaboration with two companies of renowned Italian national prestige: Tecnosistem SpA and Associazione Professionale Specialisti Puglia.

Urban Light Transport :

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Ayuntamiento de Tarento (Comune di Taranto)

Basic Design
Technical-Economic Feasibility Project

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