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Capacity development plan at Dublin Airport 2


Capacity Development Plan Phase 2 – Airfield (CDP2) developed solutions for key focus areas where release of capacity constraints is required to facilitate forecast demand up to volume horizons of 30mppa and 35mppa. Five different traffic scenarios were analyzed, mainly through the peak hour aircraft at the airfield. Every option has been developed up to outline design stage.

  • Opportunities and Constraints: identification of key elements through workshops and stakeholder consultation.
  • Demand Analysis: peak hours (early morning and afternoon) for five traffic scenarios with horizons of 30 and 35 mppa. New demand developed for 32 mppa.
  • Capacity Analysis and Simulations: gap between the existing infrastructure and required capacity from traffic demand. A series of capacity simulations were carried out with SIMMOD to identify the possible bottlenecks of both the current airfield and the airfield modified with the Development Options. The whole system has been studied: runways, taxiways, taxilanes and stands.
  • Vehicle circulation and bussing operation: assessment of the vehicle circulation and bussing operation to remote areas; including the review of widening options for technical requirements of existing tunnels below the Piers, risk analysis, itineraries, etc.
  • Development Options: various options (10 in the final report) have been explored. In tandem, the outline design was developed to assess the technical feasibility for every option and to enable a cost evaluation to be undertaken (by others). All design works have been undertaken to ensure compliance with EASA, ICAO, FAA, ACI, DIO, NRA, European, Irish and British, Regulations and Standards, as well as Dublin Airport Policies, Metrics and Operational requirements. Solutions were included with remote buildings for passenger boarding, as shown in the image above. They are fed by busses and allow passengers to walk to the contact stands.
  • Recommendations: preferred Development Options, analyzed through an evaluation matrix. A final recommendation and programme were issued for the preferred options to tackle 30 and 32 mppa scenarios.

Airport Engineering : Aviation

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