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Chira-Soria reversible hydroelectric power plant – 200 MW on the Canary Islands


This energy storage facility is an effective tool for the operation of the electrical system to improve the guarantee of supply, the security of the system and the integration of renewable energies on the island of Gran Canaria.

An essential infrastructure working towards the sustainability of the new Canarian energy model, based on renewable energy.

IDOM has carried out the construction project for the Chira-Soria reversible pumping hydroelectric plant, with a total installed capacity of 200 MW and the following characteristics:

  • Hydraulic height: 343 m
  • Flow rate: 66 m³ / s
  • Turbines: 3 x Francis, 66.6 MW each
  • Penstock: Ø 5 m, and 1.5 km in length

The installation includes a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 5,200 m³ / day and 24 km of pressure pipe.

Additionally, the services provided by IDOM have included the study of alternatives for the various configurations and technologies for the equipment of the plant, which has included the analysis of binary groups with reversible turbine, ternary groups with pump and turbine coupled on the same axis, as well as various types of drive.


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Red Eléctrica de España - REE

Construction Project

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